WORKSHOPS: Scientific Writing

These workshops are designed to provide participants with the writing skills needed for a successful scientific endeavor. We offer two types of writing workshops (both 3-5 days in length):

ME_ImpactEvaluationWorkshop_Nicaragua2009Scientific Manuscript Writing

The scientific community evaluates scientific credibility in part by the number and quality of research publications a scientist has published in peer-reviewed journals. Scientists in limited resource settings have traditionally been at a disadvantage in competing for funding and support because of various obstacles in the publishing process. This workshop provides scientists with the skills and tools they need to transform existing data into publishable material and increase the likelihood of a manuscript being accepted for publication in a reputable scientific journal. Appropriate mentors are matched with participants based on discipline and technical writing skills. At the end of each workshop, students are expected to have a solid first draft of their manuscript.”

Grant Proposal Writing

All scientists depend on grant funds to perform their scientific studies. Developing country scientists are often unable to compete for grant funds due to a lack of writing skills and guidance in the submission process. This workshop focuses on providing scientists with the skills and tools they need to compete successfully for scarce funding opportunities. One-on-one tutoring is provided from paired mentors, and the end of each workshop, students are expected to have a solid first draft of a grant proposal ready for submission.

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