Science Where Its Needed Most (S.W.I.N.G)

Here you will find back issues of SWING (Science Where It’s Needed Globally), the Sustainable Sciences Institute’s monthly newsletter. First introduced in April 2007 as newsflash, SWING highlights our latest news as well as interviews with prominent people involved with our organization or partner organizations.

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SWING July 2013

  • SSI by the Numbers
  • Profile: Dr Richard Cash
  • SSI Team Update: Mirriam Rafiq Braden
  • SSI’s Most Popular Workshop? Manuscript Writing

SWING May 2013

  • UC Berkeley wins Patents for Humanity Award
  • The First South-to-North Technology Transfer?
  • Success Story: Luz Cruz, Training the Trainers
  • SSI Milestone: 15 Years and Counting!

SWING June 2010

  • LavaAmp Update
  • Seeding Labs: From Student Club to Successful Non-profit Organization
  • Five Questions for Kendra Shanley

SWING January 2010

  • SSI Continues to Rise to the Challenge
  • SSI News
  • Five Questions for Jonathan Jackson

SWING October 2009

  • Pediatric Dengue Cohort Study Holds Annual Blood Draw
  • Five Questions for Jean-Pierre Paccaud

SWING Summer Fundraiser 2009

SWING May 2009

  • SSI Helps Set up Tuberculosis Research Capacity in Panama
  • Five Questions for Norma Bozzini

SWING April 2009

  • ‘The New Humanitarians’ Book Excerpt
  • Five Questions for Chris Stout

SWING March 2009

  • Egypt Program Launches New Workshop
  • Five Questions for Sondra Schlesinger

SWING February 2009

  • Why we do what we do!
  • Five Questions for Aubree Gordon

SWING January 2009

  • Scientific Capacity-Building Program Success
  • Five Questions for Evelyn Strauss

SWING December 2008 – Launch of SSI SWING

  • Ten Simple Ways that You can Help Us!
  • Five Questions for Kate Standish

SWING November 2008

  • Help Fund Material Aid Shipments
  • Five Questions for Jorge Huete-Perez

SWING October 2008

  • SSI Continues to Work Towards Dengue Vaccine
  • Five Questions for Heather Zornetzer

SWING September 2008

  • SSI Launches Bioinformatics Workshop
  • Five Questions for Helen Perry

SWING July 2008

  • SSI Team and Supporter Visit Egypt
  • Five Questions for Angel Balmaseda

SWING June 2008

  • SSI Welcomes New Members to Its Team
  • Five Questions for Maria Elena Penaranda

SWING May 2008

  • SSI Collaborates with Ecuadorian Scientists
  • Five Questions for Subhash Vasudevan

SWING March 2008

  • ‘Centers of Excellence’ Strategy Produces Results
  • Five Questions for Kevin Crean

SWING February 2008

  • SSI to Open Office in Cairo, Egypt
  • Five Questions for William Aviles

SWING January 2008

  • SSI to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary
  • Five Questions for Christine Rousseau

SWING December 2007

  • Your Holiday Shopping Raises Funds
  • Five Questions for Jennifer Kyle

SWING November 2007

  • Board of Directors Holds Annual Retreat
  • Five Questions for Barbara Aronson

SWING October 2007

  • Material Aid Program Provides Equipment
  • Five Questions for Nina Dudnik

SWING September 2007

  • SSI Holds Three Writing Workshops in Panama
  • Five Questions for Robert Beatty

SWING August 2007

  • Ed Wakil and Kara Nygaard Make Visit to Egypt
  • Five Questions for Ichiro Matsumura

SWING July 2007

  • Five Questions for Dr. Richard Cash
  • Five Questions for Freya Spielberg

SWING June 2007

  • Workshop Trains Scientists in Ethical Issues
  • Five Questions for Nicole Fitzpatrick

SWING May 2007

  • Grant Program Rewards Promising Scientists
  • Five Questions for Kara Nygaard

SWING April 2007

  • Eva Harris on Sabbatical in Nicaragua
  • Kara Nygaard Inspired by Visit to Nicaragua Site
  • Five Questions for Jim Larrick

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