Workshops: Our Approach

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test tube 1We Create Sustainable Programs with Local Partners emphasizing the training of trainers concept and monitor results to ensure that today’s progress is here tomorrow.

We Strengthen Ethical Leadership and Management by encouraging new generations of leadership, promoting ethics in the management of scientific projects and training on the implementation of effective methods of research.

We Work with Governments to Develop Scientific and Health Research Human Resources to reduce the gap in the scientific endeavor of developing countries. SSI offers a different approach to create an optimal environment and foster scientific creativity, motivation and empowerment of local research groups.

We Support Laboratory Systems incorporating the most appropriate technologies for the local conditions. SSI promotes local autonomy in science, and advises the use of more sustainable products to optimize existing resources.

We approach Science where it’s needed most by focusing on Innovative Strategies including promoting appropriate technologies, the use of alternative in-house reagents, the use of local engineering and the empowerment of local resources to promote perspectives to achieve significant scientific progress.

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