Scientific Training Workshops

IMeCA2010_workshopphoto_NicaraguaOur programs are designed to provide researchers around the world in limited resource settings with the skills and tools they need to make a difference in the public health of their communities. We build infrastructure that relies on well-trained human resources to improve the quality of local infectious disease diagnosis and research.

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Our training approach is highly customized, taking the scientific method and necessary tools to developing countries so that scientists can adapt techniques and study design to local conditions. All workshops are participatory, hands-on, and conducted in the local language respond to local needs and interests. SSI has no preset agendas, and works listening to the requests for support adapting its approaches to the problem to achieve the objectives of the local partners. Our trainees include a broad range of scientists and public health professionals, from University faculty and students to Ministry of Health laboratory directors and technicians to physicians and epidemiologists. We offer three types of workshops (ranging in duration from 3-7 days):

  1. Laboratory Techniques, Diagnosis, and Epidemiology
  2. Scientific Writing
  3. Special Topics Workshops

Costs and Funding

Our goal is to make the training workshops available to researchers who traditionally do not have opportunities to be exposed to or receive high end training due to economic or political isolation.

SSI can partially offset the costs of the workshops by fundraising to match funding needs of participants. Governments, partner organizations and sponsors are key partners in making possible the production of a workshop. We rely on donations and the reimbursement of direct costs associated to the workshops. Please contact us to enquiry about the various options for financing a workshop.